2011 Seminar

In November of 2011 BAI hosted 3 seminars on topics ranging from cyber liability, online marketing, tax updates for individuals and small businesses, and new ERISA rules.  The seminar was a success due to the hard work of the seminar planning team and the outstanding delivery of speeches by the speakers.

Here are some pictures (please excuse the image quality of the photos!)…


Guests at the Washington seminar were greeted with warm smiles


Our host in Seattle checking emails and enjoying some OJ before the seminar



The host in Newport Beach opening up the seminar



Kristina discussing the importance of having insurance coverage for cyber liability
Kevin covering updates on fidelity bond rules and electronic submission of audit reports




Our speakers in New York (from left to right- Kevin Breard, Karen Kenyon, Deborah Froling, Kristina Mason, and Andy Prentis