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Accounting Pronouncements

One of the issues we face each year prior to completing an audit is the review of Accounting Standards Updates (ASUs) to determine if their implementation by the company we are auditing will have a material effect upon their financial statements. This information is generally disclosed in a footnote to the financial statements. With the advent of the PCAOB’s rulings regarding independence, we are no longer allowed to draft the required footnote (it must be written by the client). Please review the attached list of ASUs and let us know if any apply in your situation. If none of the updates apply, or if their implementation would not have a material effect upon your financial statements, please sign and date the Management Statement on page three and return it to us for our files. Please note that we cannot issue an audit report without this statement in our files.


Procedures for Broker-Dealers to Obtain EDGAR Access Credentials for
Submission of X-17A-5 Part III Annual Reports and Amendments



Register by February 2, 2016.

Please contact us if you have any questions.


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Annual Audited Report Form x-17A-5 Part III



Broker-Dealer Facing Pages Requirement

For Confidential (Long) Filings:

– Please fill in every applicable text box,

– Please print and notarize four (4) Facing Pages,

– Please forward 1 original notarized Facing page to the BAI office,

– Please retain 3 original notarized Facing pages (2 for Regulator filings and 1 for company records).

 Additionally requirement for Public (Short) Filings:

 – Please follow the instructions given for Confidential filings (see above)

 – The difference between the Confidential and Public Facing Pages will come on Page 2 when selecting the report contents.

 Please refer to last years audit report for guidance and feel free to contact our office for additional guidance.


Standard Form to Confirm Account Balance Information with Financial Institutions



Please fill in every highlighted text box and forward a copy to our office.

Contact our office for additional guidance.


Attorney Confirmation Letter



Please sign and print on letterhead for every attorney that the auditor has specified.

Please contact us if you have any questions.