California Department of Education (CDE) Audit

Are you receiving California Department of Education (CDE) special educator funds?
Are you a private school or agency?
Are you aware of the new annual audit requirement?

New rules require nonsectarian private school (NPS) and nonsectarian private agencies (NPA) to submit an audit report by CDE for certification. Breard & Associates are CDE auditors.

The rule has teeth
CDE may withhold funding if the audit report is open. Don’t jeopardize your funding!

Why Breard & Associates?

  • Go with experience
  • We have nearly 35 years of auditing firms throughout the nation. (including as CDE auditors)

Keep it Single Process

  • To‐do list
  • Templates

Audits are easier when everybody knows what’s expected. When asked for a fee quote, many
professionals avoid giving a direct answer. Some refer to an hourly billing rate with no guarantee on the
number of hours. At Breard & Associates, everything is upfront and transparent. We know and understand what it takes as CDE auditors.

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