Green Practices

We’ve been ahead of the curve in green consciousness for some time now, having taken measures such as the installation of sensor lighting and the imposition of a strict recycling program. But due to growing environmental concerns, we have recently stepped up our efforts to do everything possible to push the green agenda, including the introduction of an on-line portal to facilitate the digital delivery and permanent storage of tax returns and financial statements. Our clients, with password access to their personal portal, will never need paper copies again.

Green Fee Reduction

We believe the most important aspect of greening Breard is to examine our place in the supply chain. We’re looking at all of our vendors to make certain they are green or intend to be soon. We are also encouraging our clients to become green by offering a 3% reduction in our fees to all eco-friendly firms.


How is Breard greening? Let us count the ways…

  • Portal for digital delivery of tax returns and financial statements
  • 3% fee discount for all green clients
  • Recycling of all bottles, cans, and paper
  • Use of recycled printer toner cartridges
  • Use of recycled printer paper and paper goods
  • Double-sided printing when possible
  • Usage of virtual machines to save energy
  • Reusable, washable drinking cups for employees
  • Sensor lighting in all zones
  • Live green plant on every desk
  • Hiring of employees from local areas whenever possible
  • Client assignment based on Breard CPA’s home address when possible
  • Encouragement of employee carpools
  • Spring and autumn bike-to-work-weeks
  • Use of mass transit travel whenever possible
  • Elimination of rental car use whenever possible
  • Overnight stays in green hotels when possible
  • Use and recycling of fluorescent bulbs
  • Use of non-toxic paint